Twitter Advertisements to Roll Out On Third-Party Sites


Twitter has been facing a lot of criticisms from its investors since the past year on its slow growth rate as compared to the social media giant Facebook. While Facebook boasts of a whooping 1.3 billion figure of active monthly users,Twitter has only 284 million active users. The micro-blogging website faced further tough competition from other networking platforms like Instagram and Whatsapp too last year.

As a remedy, Twitter has announced its latest strategy to build the largest global audience by publishing advertisements at Tweet streams on third party applications and websites. There are many people who view tweet streams on different websites but don’t actually use Twitter as a networking platform. These new advertisements will ensure that those audiences are reached through these tweet streams too. While some of the publishers are happy with the latest strategic announcement, it is yet to see which ones are actually on board with the new plans.

It is rumored that the magazine application Flipboard and ESPN’s SportsCenter are under talks for a joint advertising deal. This partnership will benefit both Twitter and the publisher in terms of shared advertising revenues.

Apart from this, according to Wall Street Journal, Twitter is also planning to use its video feature for advertisements. The improvised video feature will allow marketers to post their videos at Twitter, which will allow auto-play of approximately 6 seconds on the Tweet stream. The video could then be viewed further by clicking play if the user wishes to see it. Further reports suggest that there might also be a related video push feature which will allow serializing of advertisements while the user is watching another video.

These new strategies were unveiled at the recent Consumer Electronics Show 2015 held in Las Vegas to the media buyers. However, when the features will actually start rolling out and other technical details are still under wraps.