Where travelling is one of the many ways to feel relaxed and have fun, it can also be the one thing that causes you major stress if not done right. Keeping in mind the vacation season that will undoubtedly begin right on or after Eid for many of us, I have grouped together a bunch of requisites that you need to check so that your travel may be fun and safe.

Check all your documents


If you are going overseas, then you will most certainly need a number of documents, your passport and visa for example. Acquiring them is one thing, keeping them in a safe place is another and actually having hold of them just before you leave is another thing altogether.

The day before you leave, be sure to keep all of these documents in the travel bag that you are taking along. Misplacing these documents is the stuff that nightmares are made of, trust me.

Get travel insurance

Travelling to another country can be both adventurous and scary. In the event that you either get hurt or lose certain precious items a worthy travel insurance package will always have your back.

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Make copies of these documents

Having just one of these is not enough. You need to make copies of these documents. This is a cautionary step that can prove to be of immense help in certain circumstances.

Take care of how you leave things behind

If you will be leaving your house vacant, even for a few days, there are certain things that you must take care of first:

  1. Consume all the perishables in your fridge or give them away. Things like milk and left-over food items can turn into a huge mess even if they are in your fridge.
  2. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink. A single dirty dish in the sink could lead to a nasty fungal infestation.
  3. If you are leaving for a number of days, it would do you good if you ask some neighbors that you trust to keep an eye on your house. If you have been neighbors for a long time and you trust them completely, you could also give them the keys to your residence. This could be of help in emergency situations like if your house was on fire.
  4. If you have pets you need to make necessary arrangements for their wellbeing. You could either send them to a relative’s place or see if a pet store could keep them for you for a few days. In Pakistan, there aren’t any commercial places that provide pet owners with a place to keep their pets if they do go on vacations.

Pack light

Your packing should begin mentally at least a week before you travel. If you are going to a colder region think about taking sweaters or jackets that could probably be worn with a number of different suits. Similarly, if you are going to a warmer region take clothes that can be worn in several different combinations.

Packing light does not only save you from the misery of hauling around a heavy suitcase or a backpack but it also provides you with additional space to keep items that you might gather along or buy during your travels. Most of the times people end up paying a lot more just to bring along all the extra luggage that they have bought from the places that they have visited.

Take care of the currency that you are going to use

There are two things that you need to consider:

  1. You need to take cash along. You could need that to hail a taxi or eat something once you reach your destination. It would be foolish if you do not have at least some cash in your wallet, you never know when you might end up needing it.
  2. You need to make sure all of your cash is not kept in one place and as a safer alternative, you should think about investing in debit or credit cards that might work in the place that you are hoping to travel to.

Take your medicines and some first aid items with you

While it is true that taking medicines on board might not be permitted but you can take certain tablets like Ponston and Brufen if you have a doctor’s prescription. On the other hand, if you need to take certain medicines like those prescribed by your doctor then you must ensure that you take along enough tablets that last your entire trip. You won’t be able to have much fun if you end up feeling unwell on your trip.

Keep a pack of bandage and a bottle of Dettol along with you. This could prove to be of extreme help if you are travelling with kids.

Make a list of all the thing you are going to do

If you are travelling to a new place, make sure you know all you can about places that you are going to visit. Check out the internet, download travel applications and make yourself a list of places that you need to visit or things that you need to do once you reach your destination.

If you can, hire a travel guide so that you get a chance to visit and see all that a place has to offer you. Roaming around aimlessly will not be fun and you could end up getting lost.

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Make arrangement for staying before you leave for your destination

You need to book your room in a hotel well before you reach your place of visit. There are plenty of legitimate websites that allow you to book your rooms in the hotels of your choice. These websites also feature a number of deals from where you could get very good discounts.

Make sure your gadgets are fully charged

Whether it is your phone, your camera or your laptop, make sure that your gadgets are always fully charged. Imagine wanting to capture something with your camera only to find out that your camera is not charged enough.

Along with your gadgets always make sure to pack their chargers. If needed, also take along suitable adapters that could help you charge your gadgets.

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Check your flights/bus/trains’ departure time at least a day before you leave

This will save you from any kind of inconvenience that may arise from rescheduling your chosen mode of transport. Late departures can cause frustration, especially if you are travelling with kids who are prone to causing mayhem.

Check the weather you might find upon arrival

This is another important piece of information that can help you when you reach your destination. You must know what to expect when you get off the airport. Where sunny weather might be okay to deal with, it is the rainy weather that you should be more afraid of.

Make transport arrangements beforehand

If possible, after having pre-booked your hotel you could also ask the airport authorities to book you a cab. This could prove to be especially helpful if you end up encountering rain once you step off the airport.