WhatsApp is a great platform to get news across the globe within minutes, even seconds. However, because there is no proper filter yet, many individuals take advantage of it and circulate fake news, even scams.

Recently, we have seen an increase in the number of scams on WhatsApp, previously it was a link to the suicide challenge, Blue Whale, and now it’s for fake Toyota giveaway!

The message going around reads: ‘URGENT: Toyota offers free cars model 2018 on the occasion of the 99th anniversary of its establishment get yours now >>>> http://toyotawinpriz.com/’

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By clicking on this link, you make your personal information vulnerable as hackers can get access to your WhatsApp conversation, and data saved on your phone. This includes photos, videos, contacts, and other information.

When the link is clicked on, a survey pops up, asking you to fill it about your driving habits before being taken to a website.

If you click the “Download” button, you may be redirected to an app store or third party website and prompted to download an app. These apps may contain malware or steal your information.

the website can also ask for personal information claiming to give official merchandise or to increase the chance of you winning a Toyota 2018 car. In some cases, you may be automatically redirected to a porn website.

Furthermore, it asks you to send the link to at least 30 other individuals on WhatsApp so that it can spread and the maximum amount of people to fall for it.

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