Toyota unveiled its orange beast, the Toyota FX-4T at 2017 New York International Auto Show. At first sight, the car is just love! The colour, the body, it is an orange gearbox on wheels, and it is simply catching everyone’s attention.

The auto giant, in its uber-short announcement, promised a ” Four Wheeling. Scene Stealing” offering.

Toyota FT-4X First Look

While this is the extent of details Toyota has gone into, the auto world is abuzz with reports and rumours about the concept, based on its nomenclature and the solo image that Toyota has shared. The company started working on the Toyota FX-4T back in October 2016 when it was officially registered.

It’s hard to deny the FT-4X’s chops as a nerdy ride, though: there are power outlets obscured by heavy-duty flaps on the thing’s roof, and you’ll find a GoPro Hero5 Session wedged into the driver’s side rearview mirror. Most intriguing is the spot above the dashboard instrument cluster for a smartphone to connect. Toyota says that with the help of an app ( likely doesn’t exist yet), those pocketable screens will double as secondary displays for navigation and gauge readouts.

Everything in this car is actually something else. The arm-rest is also a North Face sleeping bag. The handlebars are water bottles. The dashboard is a boombox. The trunk doors contain a hidden warmer and refrigerator.

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