Top School in Karachi Reportedly Bullying Students!

Since childhood, we are taught that teachers are our second parents at school, and they deserve equivalent respect as our parents.

However, if these so-called ‘educationists’ are the ones who are bullying kids, how will our children learn to give and earn respect?

Recently, an issue was raised in a closed Facebook group where an individual shared a few incidents from one of Karachi’s renowned schools.

She added that she, herself, had studied from the institute, however, the mistreatment of the students there has caused concerns.

According to Maham Zafar, her sister’s friend who is 14 was carrying lotion with her which eventually got confiscated.

The girl was insulted in front of the entire school during the assembly and the principal had the audacity to say “tum larkon ko dikhanay k liay ye lotion lagati ho na?”

That’s not all, she also mentions that her sister has shared other demoralizing stories about the children being insulted and embarrassed by the school’s staff.

Another story involves a boy who changed his van, and to this, the principal once again, embarrassed the child in the assembly by saying “mujhay pata hai tumnay van kis larki k pichay change ki hai tmharay kartoot khul k samnay aingay ab.”

Still, the bullying had not stopped here. Another case which was shared was about a girl who forgot to remove nail color and her teacher had the most absurd reply to this; “ye adaein apnay mohallay main ja k dikhao school main remove kar k aya karo warna shakal nahi pehchani jatgi wo halat karduni”.

Maham added, “When I was in grade 7 my Urdu teacher no idea had what issue with me that she made me stand outside in every Urdu period and never told my parents about this since I knew she would be mad at me if my parents take the complaint. She used to say “agar tum class main nazar aie to main larhaun gi hi nahi bas meri marzi.”

Not long ago, a concerned guardian reached out to FixIt to complain about the administration of the school is least bothered about the safety and security of their children.

In the video, the uncle talks about how his nephew was injured during a prank, and despite the boy seeking aid from the school, he was told to keep his head down and nothing was done about the injury by the principal. It was neither addressed to nor dressed and when the concerned parents came to know about it by the end of the day, the doctors concluded that the injury

It was neither addressed to nor dressed, only cleaned from the top but the bleeding continued. The bleeding continued until the concerned parents came to know about it by the end of the day, the doctors concluded that the injury is very serious and that the pencil had pierced the boy’s muscles causing bleeding.

Not just that, there have been regular cases of children complaining about their teachers raising their hands on children for the smallest of reasons, like accidentally skipping a word in the notebook and related scenarios.

Unfortunately, this is a growing concern for parents and schools need to look into the emotional well-being of students along with academic achievements. Teachers are not just responsible for the academics but also for the development of their characteristics which eventually molds them for adulthood.

Given that Maham mentions the children being young teenagers, it only makes parents and their siblings more worried as the age is very delicate and in such phases, teenagers often consider ending their lives to keep away from such embarrassment.

As parents, what is your take on this unfortunate scenario?

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