By Zoya Anwer


As 2013 nears its end, the countdowns have started to emerge revealing the various trends of the foregone year. Here is the list of the fashion brands that will show who led the race and who lagged behind.


Michael Kors, the complete luxury lifestyle brand led the countdown with their fan expansion by SEVEN MILLION on Instagram and Pininterest, by focusing on the platforms loved for the picture viewing.

Michael Kors also celebrated its 500 MILLION fans on facebook by launching exclusive 500 limited edition sneakers, Michael Kors Fulton High-Top solely for the fans. Now someone surely had to beat this to reach to the pinnacle.

2) Victoria’s Secret

The leading retail lingerie brand that produces exclusive fashion items and beauty merchandise, Victoria’s Secret reached new heights on Instagram with following of 1 MILLION new fans and also gave a pleasant surprise to the viewers with their 2013 FASHION SHOW.

3) Louis Vuitton

With an expansion of almost 4 MILLION fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, the French most luxuriously valuable brand Louis Vuitton stood tall amongst other brands notably because of the grand Townhouse launch at Selfridges London.

4) Chanel

Chanel, the best in haute couture managed to extend its fan following on the second largest social network, Twitter latest by 2.2 MILLION followers.

5) Levi’s

The brand synonymous with jeans, Levi’s drew large viewing on the biggest video sharing website, YouTube for its 140 years celebrations, the Levis 501 with whopping 10 MILLION views on its various videos.

6) Ray-Ban

Eye wear maestro Ray-Ban increased their number of fans on Facebook by 3.5 MILLION making it the most popular eye glasses brand.

7) Burberry

The British luxurious goods brand Burberry hit 1 MILLION Google Plus fans especially when the legend David Beckham’s son, young Romeo Beckham represented the spring/summer collection.

8) Dior

China proved its heartfelt love for the French fashion iconic brand Dior and a rise in new fans was seen in Sina Weibo of QUARTER OF A MILLION FANS. 

9) Hugo Boss

The German luxury fashion brand got high views on YouTube up to 10 MILLION HITS becoming one of the most visited fashion brand on the video portal after appearances of Hollywood heartthrobs Ryan Reynolds and Gwyneth Paltrow in their campaigns.

10) Converse


The ever favorite of all sneakers, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star did not fall back and successfully managed to stay in the top ten brands after the fan following of HALF A MILLION on Instagram. 

These were the top fashion brands in accordance with the race in the social networking sites, let’s wait and see as to what 2014 holds for them.

Top Fashion Brands on Social Media 2013


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