top jingles of all time


It has been scientifically proven that brands that have catchy jingles have a higher brand recall than their competitors.

Jingles are small copyrighted tunes that are the audio representation of brands. Many of the famous brands like Coca-Cola, Nokia, Samsung, Wall’s and many others use timeless jingles for the improvement of their brand recall.

In layman terms, a tune that can simply remind you of a brand name is known as a jingle. Even if you tend not to remember or interact with some brands, many with catchy jingles can cause you to remember them for a long period of time.

Here are some famous jingles from some of your favorite commercials, have a look:


A classic in Mobile Phone brands, Nokia has been the industry leader for centuries. The official tune of Nokia that was introduced in monophonic, followed by polyphonic and mp3 types has become a symbol of recognition for this mobile phone giant.

2. Wall’s

One of Unilever’s most profitable brands of all time, Wall’s owns the largest market share of Ice creams in Pakistan, with other brands like Igloo and Omore coming and trying to compete with this iconic brand every now and then. In summers, Wall’s symbolic tune is known to pull out kids as well as adults from their homes for an Ice cream treat.

3. Airtel

With a large customer base, Airtel holds a leading position in the Indian telecommunication market. The brand’s recall is so strong that not only the Indian users but as well as Pakistani users can easily recall the brand by listening to its symbolic tune.

4. Coca-Cola

Undoubtedly the best of the brands all around the world, Coca-Cola has been the market leader in soft drinks all around the world, with only one closest competitor Pepsi. Coca-Cola’s famous tune for “Open Happiness” needs no introduction.

5. Intel Inside

A premium brand in its category and the most well-known one as well, Intel Inside has been a core part of almost all of the Windows PC’s till date. The brand’s official tune has such a strong recall that it’s easy to recall the tune just by the sound of the brand’s name and vice versa.


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