As you all know, Facebook’s all about snooping around your old friends, current buddies, and favorite celebrities! If either one of us is in a ‘celeb-stalking’ mood, we immediately end up on either facebook or Instagram to poke around and see what’s going on in the lives of our ‘beloved’ superstars.

Founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is the biggest social network forum in the world with more than 1.71 billion monthly active users in the world.

According to the stats present on Social, we have compiled a list of the top 20 most popular Pakistani celebrities on Facebook this year.

Topping the charts is the ‘King of Music’ Atif Aslam with approximately 19, 530,992 fans on Facebook. Everyone’s favourite, the social media star, Imran Khan follows next with 6,857,649 likes on his Facebook page! The gorgeous and talented, Pakistani actress Ayeza Khan comes next with the 3rd highest number of 6,615,66 likes.

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Did you know the hunky Pakistani actor, Sheheryar Munawwar has a higher number of likes on Facebook as compared to the ‘King of Hearts’ Fawad Khan? No? We didn’t either. Sheheryar has a total of over 1,800,000 fans on Facebook while Fawad with over 1,680,000 likes. Sadly, the two couldn’t make it to the top 20 most followed on facebook list. Fawad needs to up his social media game for sure!




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Infographic designed by: Muhammad Hamza Khan