This year saw a huge influx of smartphones in the industry, with every tech-giant vying for a greater share of the market with its flagship brand.

With a smartphone popping into the market every month, it is now a hard choice to make if a user simply wants to go for the best. Here we take a look at some of the best smartphones introduced this year, offering consumers fair value for their money.


iphone 6s and 6s plus

As always, Apple dominates the competition with its new iPhone 6S. The new iPhone is better than iPhone 6 in terms of better camera, better speed and most importantly 3D touch support – the first in the touchscreens. Considering high-resolution display packed with iOS support, iPhone 6S is the leader in terms of software and hardware but as always the case, it is fairly priced little higher than its competitors.


Google Nexus 6

Undoubtedly, the best ever Nexus is here to stay with a bigger screen and fairly low price. The phablet comes with an interesting design with fingerprints sensor, reversible C-port, better camera, the latest version of Android, Stereo Speakers and a sharp, high resolution puts it ahead of the competitors especially considering a comparatively lower cost.



Samsung has put its best foot forward with the introduction of Galaxy S6, packed with super-fast homebrew processor. A smooth glass and matte metal body along with the amazing camera, with a super sharp screen, makes the smartphone a preferred choice among consumers. However, a relatively high price and low battery life are to be considered before making a go.



The bigger, the better goes well with Samsung Note 5. The phablet for all the right reasons comes with improved hardware, better design, camera and battery life which makes it highly stand out among the rest. The Stylus functionality has greatly improved, giving an exceptional experience to use. However, it doesn’t come with the option of external memory and a high price for all the added functionality may play an important part in buying Note 5.


moto x

An ergonomic design with a premium feel, the Moto X Pure edition is the ideal smartphone for better performance, clean software and the option for customization. An expandable storage, quick charging and front speakers are some of the added features if one really wants to go for a bigger phone.


one plus 2

Without losing its essential mark, the OnePlus 2 is an improved version than its previous version. With a strong and beautiful design and packed performance, the highlight feature of the smartphone is its low price which makes it stand out among the rest. Though not as advanced as the likes of Samsung and Apple, OnePlus 2 offers a fairly valuable experience for its price.



Co-designed by LG and Google, the Nexus 5X is the choice for the Android Users to make when it comes to lightweight and low-priced smartphones. Keeping up with the promise of low-priced Nexus, the smartphone offers great pictures, with a fingerprint sensor and Android latest Marshmallow version. Not as good as Nexus 6P, the smartphone is ideal for those with a relatively low budget.

LG V10

lg v10

Known for its high-end camera, LG brings V10 with more camera control with manual modes for both photos and videos. Its two front facing camera is ideal for selfies. Packed with the fingerprint sensor, expandable memory and a removable battery, the smartphone comes a little heavy on the pocket but is a better choice in terms of its features and performance.

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htc one a9


HTC keeps up with its reputation of bringing up another stylish android phone, being the first to come with latest Android Marshmallow operating system. A metal body with a fairly well camera and expandable memory makes it not as superior to others when it comes down to its price.

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blackberry priv

It is safe to say that the Blackberry Priv is not the best smartphone suggestion for all, with an option to slide open the keyboard. An awesome keyboard packed with Android makes it ideal for the keyboard enthusiast but is not a viable option when it comes to touch and security friendly consumers.

While the growing influx of the smartphone and the increasing number of new features makes the competition healthy, it always rests with the consumer to make a choice that fits all the design, specs and price need. The more compact the smartphone is and the more fairly priced it is, the more value it will have and the greater share it will grab in the market.