Pakistani sensation, Meera Jee can teach the whole world the art of ‘staying in the limelight’.

From her ‘gulabi angrezi’ to outrageous scandals, controversial marriage to cringe-worthy acting skills, the Lollywood lady never fails to leave us flabbergasted.

Remember the time she blasted Maryam Nawaz on Twitter with her fierce reply?


Well, that was the first time internet lauded her being this bold and in a good way!

But then all hell broke loose on social media when she sang Titanic and became a laughing stock!


We still don’t know what the actress was thinking of, ruining the iconic Celion Dion song for all of us.

However, it seems she has found a new passion for singing. Recently, at the T10 match in Dubai, Meera sang yet another tune during an interview!

And of course, it was as horrible as it sounds.

The popular sports journalist, Zainab Abbas took the interview a& we bet she regretted doing it after this!

Watch this at your own risk!

Mein Hun Qadri Sunni Has Now Been Replaced!

Meera Jee will sing the National Anthem of Pakistan!

Boom Boom!

And again and again and again!


But what Twitter can really NOT digest is the fact that Meera’s favorite cricketer is Robin Singh… #WTH

So who is this RAWBUN?

And this is being rated as the best interview of the year!

Well,Thanks to Zainab Abbas for making our day!

But kudos to Meera jee as well for surviving all the hate still and still rocking it by being unapologetically herself.

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