Tim Cook CEO of Apple is a Fan of Malala

Tim Cook Fan of Malala
Credit: CNet.com

Malala Yousfzaia and Tim Cook CEO of Apple just visited San Joes State University (SJSU) to discuss the importance of teaching girls how to code. These two were also joined with the president of SJSU.

Aiming to empower girl education in Asia and other parts of the globe. Apple in last January announced the support for Malala Funds owned by our very own Nobel Prize Laureate Malala Yousufzai. The fund is focused on which is focused on advocating every girl’s right to 12 years of free, safe and quality education.

Tim also mentioned how Apple Inc is proud of being a part of the Malala Fund and will continue helping 130 million girls to have access to quality education.

Malala is one of the Pakistani Icons that has accomplished so much in such a small age by her courage and efforts for girls’ education. She even won the Nobel Prize for her dedicated hard work in the sector of girls’ education. Malala was also on the cover of Teen Vogue this month.

Tim Cook is not the first international personality to boost Malala but coming from the CEO of Apple is big. Cook tweeted on Tuesday saying: “@Malala is an unparalleled champion for access to education — a basic human right. Apple is proud to continue our partnership with the @MalalaFund to help 130 million girls get a safe, quality education. Thank you @PrezPapazian and the @SJSU community for hosting us today!”

Tim is not just proud but even appreciates her efforts for girls’ education. Malala replies to Tim by thanking him for his support and appreciation: It gives me great hope to know that girls fighting for their education have an ally in Tim Cook. I value his personal dedication to our work and I’m proud to call him my friend. Thanks to Tim and @Apple for helping to build a world where every girl can choose her own future.

Malala is the ultimate image of Pakistan’s soft and positive side and we love her for making us proud every time she steps on an international podium. What do you think about Tim Cook’s tweet? Share your views in the comments below.

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