Tik Tok Ads

The Tik Tok fever has taken an all-high as the video-based application crossed the 75 million new users milestone in December 2018. The platform witnessed a 275 percent increase from 20 million from December 2017!

Tik Tok has now become a gateway for brands and advertisers to explore a new market with millions of individuals of all ages. Reportedly, it has quietly introduced an ad unit.

However, some users might find it very annoying as many people dislike annoying ads popping up in the middle of their enjoyment.

Twitter and Tik Tok user Chris Harihar tweeted about spotting the first 5-second advert on the application. He wrote, ‘Think this is the first real ad campaign I’ve seen on @TikTok_us @Kerrymflynn’.

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According to the screenshot shared by Chris, we can see that at the top right there is an action reading ‘skip ads’.

Chief Product Officer at consultancy Everett Advisors, Sean Everett has also spotted the advert on 26th January.