Facebook partnered with Shutterstock, providing Facebook advertisers or entrepreneurs access to around 25 million stock photos for free. 


Shutterstock is an agency dedicated towards creating and publishing photos without taking any premium charges and offers their services through subscription.

Facebook’s collaboration with Shutterstock is part of its objective to boost and support small businesses which will again a lot from this initiative. Their businesses revolve around Facebook posts and if the social networking site is able to provide them with quality images for free then this will boost their marketing efforts.

There are three major reasons why this particular collaboration will have a positive impact on businesses.  Firstly, unique images tend to be much more captivating then plain text.  According to data published by Marketable Media, visuals can say more than 1,000 words.

Secondly, advertisers will be able to launch multiple ads.  This feature will help advertisers able to run different promotional campaigns, capturing their audience’s attention.  

Finally, updates for a page will be available on both iOS and Android, making it easier for the page manager to post images even on a mobile device.  

Despite having image options from Facebook, users and advertisers would have another unique and novel option to choose from.