About a week ago, the internet went wild over three women from Australia – SketchSHE – which is a group of Australian women who apparently do nothing other than mime and dance to Hollywood’s best songs.

In the video entitled ‘Mime Through Time’, the girls take us back to the best of the best of English songs that may actually have changed the face of music history, in their usual miming and head banging way.

Watch the video below:


Buckle up as SketchSHE take you for a ride through the ages! (Contains hip thrusting, low riding and head banging…obviously.) #mimethroughtime https://youtu.be/PMpQUsQcJFg

Posted by SketchShe on Tuesday, March 31, 2015


So what do Indians do next? Copy them of course! But with a ‘desi’ twist!

The Enthu Cutlets (another group of women who do nothing except miming to Bollywood’s musical numbers) made this ridiculously perfect video of 3 Indian women miming to the most historic Bollywood songs.

From Bollywood’s golden oldies to the latest beats, here’s the video from The Enthu Cutlets:

Mime through Bollywood from MarcusHop on Vimeo.


What do you think of our neighbors’ video? Let us know in the comments below: