The best thing about Pakistan is that it is an abode full of delicacies.  Our cuisine has an exquisite variety of food. The natives themselves harbor a strong passion for food and all things desi! But their undying love for ‘meetha’ is unmatched!

Amongst all Pakistani desserts, Shahi Tukray appears to be the King of sweet dishes! There is something about this desi bread pudding that makes it a desirable dish for every festive event! The luscious flavor of that soft, saffron infused textured bread, soaked in sweetened creamy milk tastes like a miracle, one we really can not get enough of!

Eid-ul-Fitr 2017 is just days away and every Pakistani household is bound to serve the quintessentially royal dessert on the occasion! So why not give this Mughlai dessert a make-over?

Yeap we have an innovative Shahi Tukray recipe for you and we bet you will love it! Let’s give a flavorful twist to this desi decadent with custard topping.

Rafhan has introduced a contemporary take to the classic creation! All you have to do is pour oozing layers of its scrumptious vanilla topping to add zing to the recipe.

Watch how you can make Shahi Tukray even more special this Eid!

The makeover looks heavenly! The end result looks absolutely mouth-watering. Furthermore, you can get this recipe simply by giving a missed call at this number: 03040-RAFHAN (722426).

Within seconds you would get a call back from the same number and an automated voice gives you a menu full of recipes to choose from.

All those who are looking to try something new this Eid, this recipe will surely appeal! Try it out and lets us know in the comments below!