In lieu of the International Women’s Day and the very controversial Aurat March in Pakistan, this song composed about the life of women and their experiences will give you goosebumps!

Aurat – Going Beyond The Song

Before we begin introducing the incredible song to you, here are the people who deserve more recognition for this piece of art. It is written and performed by MK Anwar, the music is produced by NYO with the record producer XAIB. The lyrical video is made by The Alpha Corp whose designing abilities heighten the impact.

So What Is It About?

MK Anwar has noted that AURAT is more than just a song. To him, it is an amalgamation of all the voices that go unheard, all the issues that are unsolved, all the miseries that bring women to tears. Most importantly, it is a tribute to all the stories that give us strength and everything that defines our existence.

To enrich the experience, he asks his audience to listen and feel beyond just the rhythm. The song is a movement in and of itself and it should only be spurred onwards.

Aurat – What’s It Like

The lyrics to this song are heart-wrenching, illuminating yet all the more hopeful. In the very first few lines, MK Anwar calls out the hypocrisy based on colourism and racism in our society.

pakistani song aurat
Image Source: Brandsynario

There will be many performatively “woke” men who will chant for #BlackLivesMatter but they will be the same ones to ridicule and mock a dark-skinned woman. They will also be the same ones to demand that their wife be fair-skinned. What is a trophy wife after all if not fair-skinned?

These Double Standards Must Go

MK Anwar’s Aurat also exposes the double standards that are deeply rooted in our society. The issue he takes up is why a man who seeks women for pleasure not called shameless but the woman is called the disgrace of the society?

There are derogatory terms for women in all roles of life whereas men, acting in the same capacity, are seldom called anything but respectful.

Hopeful Message

However, if there is something hopeful to take out of this song is the message MK Anwar is hoping to inspire. 

pakistani song aurat
Image Source: Brandsynario

Women of all sizes are beautiful and worthy of appraisal. It is their own choice whether they want to cover their bodies, in whichever way they want to cover them and how much exactly they would like to cover. Hopefully, this song will inspire many minds to break free from the shackles of our gendered thinking.

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