Gulab Jamun Cider Exists And We Don't Know How To Feel About It
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If using favourite food items from other countries and turning them into entirely different food items was a crime, no one would dare try to do that. But no such thing exists, maybe that is why we get to see unimaginable food recipes. A case in point would be the infamous strawberry biryani. And today, it is the Gulab Jamun cider.

The epic Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun, a universally favourite sweet, is not just a sweet, it is a whole mood. If you and your siblings are one of those who are constantly fighting to get that last piece of Gulab Jaman from the box, well, then you don’t even need to tell us how much you love them. However, if you were to make something out of Gulab Jamuns, you would still think about it a thousand times before attempting to do so. Unfortunately, someone didn’t know how much Gulab Jamun means to us when they came out with a Gulab Jamun Cider idea.

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And we are sad just by looking at it! 

You must be thinking, “Who would dare try to come up with such a recipe? Well, today, you can indulge in all the Gulab Jamuns you want to make up for this weird news.

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Gulab Jaman Cider 

The cider is named after the delicious sweet made from reduced milk swimming in cardamom and rosewater syrup.

This blend of proper Peckham’s ciders are infused with whole (crushed) cardamom pods and rose water; Delightfully fragrant, very yummy, and not very sweet.

How Does Gulab Jamun Cider Tastes?

“The aroma of cider is like lemon-lime and bitter. Filled with hints of cardamom and Turkish delight, and will be best paired with some spicy food.” A netizen wrote.

Foreigners trying the cider had nothing but good stuff to say about it.

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By the looks of it, we cannot understand how this tastes anything like Gulab Jamun. In fact, we can’t help but wonder whether if it’s just the name given to the product to make money out of our beloved sweet?

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Final Verdict

Whatever the case, we think it is time brands do a little research before coming out with certain flavours. It might seem like a fancy twist on something which has a significant amount of sentimental value, but it’s not fun to see your favourite delicacy be used in such a brutal manner.

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