The Nokia Resillience

“Life… it’s full of ups and downs and everything in between”

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word, Nokia? Is it reliability or trustworthiness?

It can be stated safely that majority of the response will swing between these two, the question is why?

Is it because of the 150 year old heritage the company brings with its name? Or is it the value for customer’s money and the trust that Nokia has consistently delivered?

Smartphones have seen massive evolution in the last half a decade. The video is a cinematic representation of the robustness of everyday life. ‘The messy, sticky and excessively tricky’ life – and Nokia loyalists know why it’s more than just a phone in their pocket, for them NOKIA is just another fundamental in their day.

Can the Nokia’s extent of trust be associated with any other modern day Smartphone company? The answers to all of these questions, reestablishes the essence of Nokia and the brand positioning it has established in all the yesteryears. Nokia’s tale is as old as the time when man made the world’s first GSM call.

The unmatched quality of Nokia phones have always been the trademark offering of the brand, the experience Nokia provides to its customers is a decree in itself; in a nutshell a Nokia brand loyal customer is the authentication of Nokia’s quality.

Nokia understands a human being, thus their offerings have always reflected the human needs. At Nokia the testing of ‘quality and reliability’, is more than a lure for customers, its perfectionism – Its being good at what they do.

Life is tough, that is why Nokia offers tougher phones to cope up with the ups and downs.

As Nokia says: ‘you give your trust in our hands, what we put in yours – has to match up’


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