A few months back Star Wars: The Force Awakens was all the rage. I think our local brands took the movie a bit too hard because we suddenly seem to be in the middle of a BREWING BRAND WAR!!! Between some awesome CHAI WALAS! 😀

Act 1: A Long Time Ago in a Studio Somewhere


Shots were fired by Tapal Danedar at all other Chai’s, one in particular; Lipton – the brand with the Yellow Force!

Loath to remain in silence, the brand with the Yellow Energy of Chai, brought out its creative hat and pulled from it, The Ultimate Secret Weapon.

ACT 2: WRATH of HAMZA – Lipton Strikes Back!

Hamza Ali Abbasi Lipton

Hamza was a Super Effective weapon, or at least, that was what Lipton thought until the weapon fired back upon its own base.

Sidharth Malhotra & Ali Zafar Celebrate Sprite’s Mirchi Ka Tarka On The Streets Of Lahore

ACT 3: Revenge of Danedar!

The Game One upped by #Tapal

The Picture Above speaks a thousand Words:

Noticing the battle between the Chailactic Giants, members of the Tea Table Federation also started their own campaigns, and random shots were fired everywhere by all Chai Kay Table Pay Aanay Walay Brands.

ACT 4: The Biscuit Wars

Lu Biscuits jumping in the middle

Not really a war, Lu was like, dude tum jo bhi chai peeyo, biscuit hamara khalena bus.

ACT 5: The Everyday Awakens


And when we thought this war couldn’t escalate any further, along comes Everyday with a massive ADum Bomb! With full badmaashi Everyday be like, “Chai Jo Bhi Ho, Meray Bagair Khaas To Ho Hi Nahi Sakti”.

Honorable mentions in this Chai Brand War go to QnE who tried saving the world from random strangers in supermarkets by providing them online shopping solutions to get their favorite tea, be it Danedar or Lipton.

Baatain Saari Khatam Hogaien,
Hamain Phir Bhi Ghum Hai,
Sab Nay Branding Kar Li,
Par Cheeni Phir Bhi Kam Hai 😀

Sound off in the comments below if you are a one with the Red or the Yellow side of the Chaiforce.


Tapal vs. ESPRESSO: Who Cares About Coffee or Chai When There Is Fawad Khan

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