Based on stereotypical assumptions, we might think we know what people are thinking and eventually, searching for in each country, around the world, but research suggests absolutely otherwise.

With the help of Google, the popular cost guide website, conducted a research to see what people are searching for in each country and presented the shocking and somewhat, hilarious results as continent based maps.

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The results are based on the auto-complete results of Google using formula “How much does * cost in [x country]”, making the results far from being scientifically accurate but still reflecting each country’s perceptions. From the cost of food to electronics and from that of prostitutes to IVF treatments, the subjects are highly varied across the globe.

Funnily enough and we are guessing accurately enough too, the results show that for Pakistan, people search most for “how much weddings cost”. With desi weddings being the extravagant and dramatic affairs that they are, we are not surprised that this is what people are most searching for.

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More interestingly, people want to know how much “cows” cost in our neighbor India, the most at Google, while more predictably, people are searching for electronics in China, Camels in Saudi Arabia and travelling, tattoos and prostitutes in south-east Asia.

In Europe, on the other hand, people are searching for the cost of food and studying (no surprise there) while in its better part of Russia everyone is looking for the cost of flying a mig (Russian aircraft).

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Africa is being most searched for the cost of food, gas, petrol and cows, Australia for the cost of IVF treatments, South America for prostitutes and beer, Antarctica for land and predictably, North America for passports, patents and tummy tucks.