Expensive Animals


What was once a religious deed is now rapidly turning into a competition for some and a financial burden for others.

Eid-ul-azha is the more happening of the two Eids celebrated by Muslims. It brings in the fun of buying and tending animals for kids and teenagers and the annoying smell and bakra voices for others (read me).

With every passing year, it is becoming more and more difficult for people in Pakistan to buy animals for sacrifice. With the rising prices of the animals coupled with the finances need to take care of them and dealing with the sacrifice in itself has become more of a burden than a religious obligation.

With numerous mandis set in all cities, the prices vary for different kinds of animals in each city. What makes the animals much more expensive than they originally are, are the finances needed to bring them to the city and then take care of them till they are bought.

The animals get expensive as the days get closer to eid, here is an estimated break down of how much an animal initially costs and how much it is sold for:

Original cost: Rs.25k to 35k

Truck rent cost to bring them to the city: Rs.60k to 80k

Animal mandi entry fee: Rs.1000 per animal

Plot for animals: Rs.1 lakh

Food cost: Rs.500 daily.

These costs almost triple if the animal is VIP. For them the estimated cost breakdown is:

Plot: Rs.3 lakhs

Tent: Rs.5 lakhs

Lights: Rs.1.5 lakhs

Mud for the plot: Rs.6 lakh

Diesel for generator: rs.20000 daily

These costs make the animals at least Rs.50 to 60k more expensive than their original price. Apart from these, some rare breeds of animals, like cows and bulls from Australia, are even more expensive.

Add the expenses to their original cost and you get a solid high six figure number. Due to these high prices, people in most cities are now opting for collective sacrifices.

Watch the video to see the most expensive breed of animals sold in the market: 


While enjoying buying and taking care of animals and eating delicious foods throughout the eid, remember this is after all a religious deed. Keep in mind the poor and needy during these days too.

Enjoy the Eid preps!