The Martian, the sci-fi venture of director Ridley Scott featuring Matt Damon is being deemed as a must-watch for all space and science fiction fans even if you have not watched Interstellar. Based on Andy Weir’s novel from 2011 with the same name, The Martian was released on 2nd October 2015.

Additionally, the movie stars Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Daniels, Michael Peña, Kate Mara, Sean Bean, Sebastian Stan, Aksel Hennie, and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Twentieth Century Fox.

Take a look at the trailer:

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According to The Variety, the movie is reigning the box office for the second week. “Ridley Scott’s sci-fi Mars adventure, starring Matt Damon, is so consistent in its storytelling and coherent in its details that it breezes gloriously past some of its biggest and best questions,” reviews the New Yorker.

In hype of the movie, NASA has conducted a research which compares the Journey to Mars between the movie and how it happened in real life. Take a look at NASA’s tweet:

Take a look at the Twitter responses of the movie which is being considered as the must-watch movie of the year:

With an 8.3/10 rating on IMDb by 79311 users, and gross earnings of $227.7 million globally as yet, the movie is not worth missing.