First of all, these graphs are not directed towards you, they are only for what “other” marketers do.

Part and parcel of a marketer’s job is not a simple and easy-to-do task list, but a perpetual amalgam of creative bee-hiving and brainstorming.

Apparently these graphs are an-accurate depiction of how this nature of work is actually, realistically managed.

An average agency employee has a lot to do with coffee, Facebook and procrastination. Let’s not forget about the sky-rising motivation level almost every marketer is bound to boast about in follow-up meetings.

1. The dedication level of creative geniuses is way too high; on off days we work from home and make sure the job is done.

Graphs 1

2. But how can you not expect your everyday marketer to not get perked up about the weekend? Friday is the day Dobby becomes a free elf, okay!

Graphs 2

3. Noon time is when the marketer can accomplish most tasks and then the next pile of work should be assigned at exact 4 in the afternoon, just to make sure that the job is well-executed.

Graphs 3

4. A marketer never says no… coffee

Graphs 4

5. The work schedule is always loaded, no such thing as email breaks, gossips breaks, tweet breaks, Facebook-post breaks, tea breaks, coffee breaks and let me skim through this Buzzfeed “Which Game of Thrones character is you?” break, yeah, specially not that one!

Graphs 5

6. At times we do work on the last minute but that doesn’t mean we are overtired and sleepy in the morning after.

Graphs 6

7. Also, please do not doubt our speedy skills at recovering deleted files and lost data, instead of panicking and losing all hope.

Graphs 7

8. Meetings are the most productive activity we indulge in, where important people are involved and key decisions are made.

Graphs 8

9. Remember back when this Social Media Agency interviewed you and they asked you “How many Social Media Platforms are you active on?” Well so there you have it, it’s important for a marketer’s career to be socially-active on all platforms, especially during meeting hours.

Graphs 9

10. Once a meeting has been conducted, marketers are all geared up for serious business.

Graphs 10

11. We are born people-pleasers and to refuse an added task isn’t part of our job!

Graphs 11

12. Anyone in the marketing department will have an overly-enthusiastic boss who will tag you in four to five articles per work day, and inboxes you some for added advantage. Needless to say you will browse through one of them…every month.

Graphs 12

13. When you are a content writer, you write with conviction and not for the views and web traffic.

Graphs 13

14. LinkedIn is a valuable asset for all marketers under question, since we don’t just need contacts, we need to know who stalked on us too.

Graphs 14

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