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During the automaker’s keynote address at CES on Wednesday night, BMW unveiled a working prototype of the I Vision Dee concept vehicle. In order to demonstrate Dee’s E-Ink technology, which will enable car owners to customize the exterior of their vehicle with 32 distinct colors, the four-door sedan first appeared on stage in a bright white hue.

Despite being a concept car, Dee serves as a representation of BMW’s upcoming Neue Klasse platform, which the firm announced will debut in 2025 with a dynamic sedan and a sporty activity vehicle as its first two models.

BMW i Vision Dee concept teases Neue Klasse's digital tech
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The reveal

Arnold Schwarzenegger made a cutesy video for the unveiling in which he reflected on the bond individuals had with their vehicles in the 1980s. The voice of Dee, which stands for Digital Emotional Experience, then attempted to persuade the actor/politician that future automobiles are indeed best friends.

The concept behind it

Dee’s voice helped to individualize and humanize the automobile throughout the presentation. BMW once claimed that Dee had a digital soul, a personality that includes both facial emotions and a voice. The following line from the movie “The Terminator” truly drove home this point: “The unknowable future rolls toward us. I approach it with optimism for the first time because, if a machine like a Terminator can comprehend the worth of human life, perhaps humans can as well.

Since the “software-defined vehicle” trend started to gain traction, manufacturers have been looking for novel ways to employ this software to give drivers and passengers a more customized experience. A wide variety of samples are constantly available at CES. This year looks to be all about in-car gaming, as opposed to last year when it was all about Google Home integrations and Amazon Fire streaming coming to cars. BMW, however, is taking it a step further by proposing that there is not just an emotional bond between a person and their automobile, but also a car with its own feelings.

Color-Changing BMW i Vision Dee At CES 2023 Has Up To 32 Colors

Software and hardware advancements for a complete Omni channel experience is one way BMW intends to make that vision a reality, according to Zipse. This concept is shown by Dee’s head-up display, which has four levels of interactivity and is referred to by BMW as its “mixed reality slider.”

The depth behind the vision

All the necessary driving and navigational information are provided at level one. Level 2 facilitates communication by displaying texts and calls. The elements of Levels one and two are combined in Level three, which also highlights potential obstructions and adds collision alerts to the navigation data displayed on your windscreen. Social media is also visualized and level four “far beyond reality,” What does that imply in reality? We’re not really sure, but the talking Dee said that you could practically pack up your entire social group and drive away.

But the point is that automakers like BMW are attempting to equip their cars with so much dazzling, seamless technology that consumers begin to view them as their ideal companions—friends, living rooms, personal assistants, and fashion accessories all in one. How bizarre is that?

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