Your bakra might not be on Twitter, but Tweets featuring it have surely made their way on it. As soon as bakra mandi began popping up, the popular social media website was flooded with selfies, videos and pictures of the animals. Here are some of the funniest tweets people shared about bakras.

Meesha Shafi isn’t the only fan of Coke. Watch this bakra chug down two bottles without even coming up for air.


With snapchat so popular, it’s just a matter of time when people start posting pictures of their bakras using the dog filter.

This guy who was clearly fed up with life.

And the reply.

This lady who had her priorities in order.

And the lady who just wasn’t impressed.

The representative of a mandi on twitter over-estimated his animals.

And the mandi version of liking your own status

The thought on everyone’s mind.

The lady said what everyone was thinking.

The tweet that had us confused?

Accepting the ‘Beat pe Booty’ Challenge.

Are bakras going digital now?

This lady who just gets it.

The dude who’s all ready to hug it out.

The truth.

Have a fantastic Eid!