When traveling to a new country, it can be exceptionally easy for an awkward situation to occur. Different cultural customs and associated meanings to certain behaviors can cause misunderstandings if you’re not well-prepared. 

FoodPanda has divided the dining experience in 3 steps to help you avoid any uncomfortable moments, starting off from what to bring your dinner host, to which hand to use, to as well as some basic essential table manners.


One of the most common gifts offered when invited to someone’s house is flowers, but the kind, or the number of these might entail some dreadful traps.

When it comes to utensils, everyone’s got their own style, but there are huge differences on how to use them: which hand should be used? The left, right or both? Or none?


When it comes to manners, what passes for polite in Chile might be taboo in Mexico.

Here’s foodpanda’s list of some of the most basic and unusual food-related customs and etiquettes from around this crazy world, just in case you want to avoid dirty looks for cutting lettuce with a knife.