The best Windows Phone App for Everyday Life4

By Hassan Wasti

A world without Apps seems unnatural, be it IOS, Android or Windows, the search for the best app is in motion 24/7.

Hence, we rounded up a treat for the users of Windows phone by bringing a round-up of the best Apps for Windows Phone.

Apart from the usual social website apps like Facebook and Twitter, the following apps are designed to make life a little easier and a little more fun:

Mint App: ($0.00)

The best Windows Phone App for Everyday Life1When everyone is just too busy to keep a check on small details, Mint App can prove to be a lifesaver.  After a successful run on Android and iOS devices Mint app is now available on Windows store. 

It is the best financial App around as it allows you to keep a tab on your daily expenses and also gives you the facility of organizing your weekly, monthly or yearly budget.

It syncs with personal banking accounts and provide up-to-date information to users on closing deadlines of unpaid bills and as well as financial advices.

Mint matches your location to a local business using Bing Maps and automatically categorizes the transaction based on what you’re buying. For instance if you pay cash for a latte at Starbucks, the app can detect that you’re at a coffee shop and lists the transaction as “Coffee.”

With Mint app you can be connected with your finances 24/7 and can meet your debt deadline well ahead of everyone.

Seesmic: ($0.00)

The best Windows Phone App for Everyday Life1

Confused about where to log in first, Facebook or Twitter? then Seesmic is your blessing in disguise. 

It helps you to manage multiple social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube through one interface.

Seesmic also allows you to check your updates from Facebook or Twitter simultaneously without having to switch screens, allowing you to save time and keeping you in touch with your updates.

Seesmic Web has three main tabs at the top Messages, Contacts, and Home. There is a vertical bar which shows the accounts you have signed into. Each entry for example your Facebook account, is collapsible.

Open it up to view subset of options for each account. The Facebook options  include My wall, Pages, and News Feeds, while the Twitter options are ,Mentions, Home, Direct messages, Sent, Lists, Trending Topics, Retweets, and Searches.


Flixster: ($0.00)

The best Windows Phone App for Everyday Life1

Going out for movie – Need to book tickets- Need a quick feedback on what to watch – Have a windows phone? Then this is your go-to app!

Flixster is the ultimate app for movie goers. It gives the option to buy tickets online, to watch trailers and select the movies to watch.

Flixster also come with the facility of viewing reviews and ratings for the movie through a partnership with Rotten Tomatoes, this gives the user an overview of what to expect from the film.

CastleMine: ($0.99)

The best Windows Phone App for Everyday Life4No, it isn’t a flashy game with a complex story!

It is a simple game that requires you to know one simple thing – there are baddies underground coming towards your castle.

It has a simple but interesting game play one which helps pass time when you are on your way to work or school or you are just bored.

You build up defenses by placing towers along enemy path and earn stars with each level passed. It is a fun game to have on your Windows phone but a little warning; it gets addictive for even the most composed players.

So, there you have it – your must have apps on Windows Phone, for more updates on the best apps around keep checking our website.



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