Terrabiz, one of the leading conference management and training companies of Pakistan is all set to host a workshop for all brand enthusiast named, ‘The Art of Brand Storytelling‘.

The workshop will be conducted by brother-duo Salman Abedin and Omar Abedin who are both known for their marketing and training skills.

This one day workshop will be held on 24th of March 14 at Port Grand Karachi and 26th of March 14 at Royal Palm Golf and Country Club, Lahore.

The Art of Brand Story-Telling’ aims to assist companies in deciding the steps of crafting their brand story.  From brand personality (giving life to your brand) to brand-scape (setting it free in the world) to brand action (activating your brand), this workshop aims to open up the options for brands’ communication strategy to evolve in a dynamic and consistent way.

The workshop is an ideal chance for marketing professionals in Pakistan to understand the world of brands in a different light.

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