The country’s largest and fastest growing 3G network, Telenor Pakistan has yet again taken center stage with the launch of HD Voice call facility all over Pakistan. Telenor Pakistan’s customers can now enjoy natural-sounding HD Voice Calling that’s as clear as talking face-to-face, and as simple as making a traditional voice call on a variety of smartphones offered by Telenor or any HD-enabled smartphones. Mobilink Pakistan has also introduced an HD Voice Call feature similar to Telenor Pakistan. 

What is HD Voice Calling?

HD Voice is basically an audio technology that expands the range of sound waves which is transmitted by a call. Normal calls only carry sound waves that fall in a limited range of frequency which is about 300Hz to 3.4 kHz. With HD Voice, calls will transmit sounds waves that have a frequency from 50Hz up to about 7 kHz which is closer to the range of normal human speech. This essentially means that we will be able to hear more detailed and richer voice quality when we make calls.


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Expanding the overall internet ecosystem

Telenor Pakistan has always been at the forefront of offering cutting edge technology and next generation solutions aimed at further enriching the customer experience. Since the launch of 3G, Telenor Pakistan has taken key initiatives towards expanding the overall internet ecosystem in the country and furthering the empowerment of Pakistan, in line with its ambition to bring ‘Internet for All’.

Introducing affordable 3G handsets under Telenor Devices, promoting local app development through ‘Apportunity’ contest, providing high quality local and international content via Telenor App Store and introducing the concept of ‘Internet of Things’ in Pakistan are some of them.

Pre-activated Telenor HD Voice call in iPhone 6S

The recently launched iPhone 6S has a built-in HD Voice enabling feature that will allow users to experience awesome sound and great clarity in all voice calls. Telenor Pakistan is offering iPhone 6S handsets that have pre-activated Telenor HD Voice abilities, in line with the aim of providing the best communications service all over Pakistan.

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