Unilever Pakistan

1. This International Women’s Day, I pledge… I pledge to challenge stereotypes, lead by example and mentor and support other women to achieve their career ambitions.

Madiha Saeed, Customer Marketing Director, Unilever Pakistan

2. Across the organizational landscape, I want to see more female representation in… Field and factory roles so we can mainstream women’s presence other than desk-based jobs and open larger avenues for inclusion.

Hira Shaukat, Factory Operations Manager (Rahim Yar Khan)

3. The one stereotype about women that should be busted this year is… The career journey of women post-motherhood. Ensure that workplaces can be designed with a greater lens of equality.

Azka Waqar, Director, Home Care Business

4. My organization is promoting gender equality and women empowerment… By prioritizing merit and giving equitable opportunities.

Superia Novlani, Group Chief Accountant, Unilever Pakistan (Hyderabad District)

5. I believe women can fight gender inequality at their workplaces… By unapologetically owning their space and identity and pushing for action towards equitable workplaces that accommodate their challenges while rallying allies to build momentum within their own industry and beyond.

Fatima Arshad, Sustainable Business & Communications

6. As for men, they can help reduce gender bias at home and work… By taking three key steps and making this world a more gender-equal one. Firstly, ACKNOWLEDGING GENDER INEQUALITY – without first identifying the severity of this as a real societal problem, it will be difficult to take concrete steps of action. Second, USE YOUR VOICE TO CHALLENGE DISCRIMINATION and lastly, UPLIFT AND SUPPORT WOMEN, starting with the women in your own homes.

Aamina Siddiqi, Talent & Organization Manager

7. My message to young aspiring women looking to start a career in 2022 is… Women are needed in every field and at all levels, so women voices can be heard and not ignored. It’s time for a change, and it is time to reshape the dialogue. Be fearless in the pursuit to achieve your goals.

Suniya Jawaid, Senior Area Sales Manager (Karachi)