Tarang has come up with yet another desi-theme infused television advert. This TVC has been conceptualized by Adcom and produced by Stimulus Productions.

With an unconventional yet plausible desi-angle to the tea and milk combination.

Take a look at the Ad:

Tarang Functional – 2015 from Humair Kandhari on Vimeo.

The advert for Tarang tea whitener aims to highlight the supremacy of the tea whitener over normal open milk. The perfectly blended cup according to the ad-makers here is the one that has Tarang in it.

The TVC portrays quirky dialogues between the tea cup and the pateela (vessel) of the loose milk. The TVC employs a new camera technology called “Bolt” which is being used for the first time in Pakistan.

Bolt camera technology captures scenes in high speed with the help of a moving arm (and it’s a step up from Phantom which captures high-speed scenes in static).