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It seems to be an exciting start to the T20 World Cup. In the first match with the archrival, India, the team had unexpected results sending Pakistanis on a meme game; trolling the neighbours. But that was not the end of it. It turns out that Pak Vs Ind was not the only match that would get all the attention. Pakistan Vs New Zealand is in focus and all due to the recent embarrassment they put Pakistanis through.

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Pakistan Vs New Zealand

You must have heard that New Zealand backed out of the Pakistan tour by leaving the country at the eleventh hour. This was ‘ultimate embarrassment’. They blamed the sudden decision on security threats. The claim was that they had gotten threat of being attacked should they choose to play against Pakistan. Following their decision, England also backed out.

Hence, this match is equally important, if not more, as the match with India.

Twitter gears up

Do you really think that a match with this much significance will not be discussed on Twitter? I think not. Netizens are ready with their keyboards. Of course, the real fun will start at 7 pm when the match is supposed to begin however, you can see the onset even now.

They are quick to throw shade that the security threat New Zealand left for was bogus, but the threat of giving real competition will definitely be real.

Pakistanis are also ready with their meme game fully trusting Babar Azam and the team to give NZ a run for their money.

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The most hilarious was possibly a photo of Kohlu and Williamson with a dialogue, “That’s why we ran.”

Of course, if you are making memes, how is it possible to not make apt use of Bollywood instances?

After India, Pakistan is to face New Zealand. The country could not really respond after New Zealand insulted us. But this will surely be the arena where they can give the best possible response.

Safe to say, the angry Pakistanis are hoping that the team will smash NZ exactly how they trashed the Indian team. One has to acknowledge the fervor they showed in the match with India; a match that got titled as a historic win. Here is to hoping we will be able to grill NZ a bit more than what we did to our archrival.

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