Nooreh's birthday
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Pakistan’s favorite young couple Syra Yousuf and Shahroz Sabzwari were super adorable together. However, the news of their split hit everyone hard. After spending eight years together, the two finally decided to part ways. Moreover, upon being questioned by their followers, they posted a note that read,

“Today, on account of irreconcilable differences, we have decided to end our marriage. Our only hope at what is a difficult time for each of us is that both of us can continue to be the best possible parents for our daughter. Therefore, we request both the media and the public to respect our privacy at this difficult time”.

The couple who we thought was head over heels for each other gave their fans and followers ultimate goals of perfect life could be if you find the right person for yourself. However, it seems like even after spending eight years together, you would want to rethink your decision, years later.

nooreh's 6th birthday
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In an interview, when asked where the couple had met, Shahroz said,

“We met at a mutual friend’s wedding. I was 19, and she was 18. During events like the mehndi, dholkis, dance practices, I started to like her. Before that, I had seen her in a couple of ads and had thought to myself, — who is this cute girl in town?”

But ever since the two got divorced, Shahroz has been making the headlines. People said that he was too quick to move on and to tie the knot with Pakistani model, Sadaf Kanwal, soon after. Speaking of which, people did question Shahroz’s contradicting statement and move as he said Sadaf has nothing to do with their divorce.

After their divorce, the two are still looking after their daughter, Nooreh, making sure she does not feel neglected and well-taken care of. Divorce does leave a negative impact on a child’s life and becomes a barrier during their age of development. However, in Nooreh’s case, it’s quite different as she has been seen hanging out with both the parents.

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Just recently, both the parents celebrated Nooreh’s 6th birthday. This may come out as a surprise for many out there, but they honored it separately. Even after the divorce,  the parents have decided to look after their tiny piece of heart as

Nooreh Shehroz’s 6th birthday!