UPDATE: Sunny Leone sure knows how to reply down journalists with class!

The glamorous Bollywood actress, Sunny Leone was called in for an interview by the journalist, Bhupendra Chaubey representing CNN-IBN.

This journalist apparently seemed hell-bent on humiliating and degrading the actress for being a former Canadian Porn star.

Take a look at the upsetting and visibly disgraceful series of questions posed by the journalist:

Despite being visibly upset and surprised at the repetition of similar demeaning questions, Leone maintained her grace and composure and replied to all the queries assertively.

The interviewer pointed out how politicians in India blamed her increase of porn consumption in the country. He also pointedly stated that many other actors would not like to work with her because of her past.

At one point, the journalist has even gone as far enough to say that a lot of chat is taking place that if you see a Sunny Leone film, you will gt morally corrupted.

The people in Bollywood as well as many prominent Indians obviously reacted to the Interview and showed support for the actress by voicing their concerns on Twitter.

Take a look at the Twitter reactions:



Even Amir Khan reached out to the Most google India celebrity claiming that he would love to work with her:

This really cheered the actress up:

Kudos to the girl for maintaining her calm throughout the torturous interview!She has recently given a detailed interview

She has recently given a detailed interview with Femina India remarking about her reaction and expectations from the people after this interview