The world has opened its arms wide open for Sumail Hassan. The 16-year old Pakistani boy has bagged another accolade as Guinness World Records officially registers his name as the youngest gamer to earn $1 million in e-Sports winnings.

Sumail earned this achievement after his team won The International Dota 2 Championships 2015, the biggest e-sports tournament in history with an overall cash prize of US$ 18,429,613.

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Sumail’s team Evil Geniuses won an overwhelming victory making US$6,630,109 (£4,253,042) in the cash prize. His team romped with a 3-1 victory against CDEC in the finals on 8th August 2015.

Sumail Hassan, 16 years 2 months 21 days old at the time of victory has earned a bonny amount of $1,639,867 (£1,052,141) after his team’s win at The International 2015 tournament. The prize money upraised his earnings to an astonishing level masking him the youngest millionaire in the world.

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Dota2 Asian Championship 2015

Sumail aka Suma1l first got public attention earlier in February this year when he helped his team win Dota 2 Asian Championship in China, where his team made US$ 1.2 million in cash prize.

With his command on the game and fast-growing high yielding popularity of Dota 2, the future shines brighter for the kid.