History repeats itself and so does fashion. What you saw in the 70’s, you probably did again in the 2000’s, although in a whole new way and in a much better style. Shirts might have gotten shorter, a variety of hemlines, new kinds of buttons, laces, nets, frills, tassels  introduced along with a range of embroideries and embellishments. Want to see what’s high and trending in the grand world of Pakistan’s fashion?

This year saw the rise in peplum tops and sleeves. Our chic fashion icons embraced these ideas gracefully and showed them off on the stage like nothing else matters. Designer Nida Azwer in particular, set the fashion week on fire with her collection.


The elegance and the simplicity presented by Muse in this dazzling outfit left us awestruck. Is it me or does this look highly comfortable as well? These summers will pass by in a jiffy if we get to wear these outfits.


Off the ramp, we saw our favorite fashion designers release collections with the trend. Momina Teli’s Eid collection 2016 showcased some gorgeous peplum tops, that were extremely chic and glamorous.


Sania Maskatiya combined the trend with tradition. Her collection featured delicately embroidered chiffon peplum tops.

Elan, one of the leading existing brands in Pakistan parades its cover with a peplum cut. Be it formals, casuals or semi-formals, peplums are flooding the market. We should thank the Pathan’s for letting us take inspiration from them.


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Style Trend Alert 2016: Tulip Pants

Contributed by Azka Amjad