akistan’s legendary pop-rock band, Strings and its powerful duo of Faisal Kapadia and Bilal surely own unparalleled experience of more than 25 years in Pakistan’s music industry. The band group was formed in 1990 but was disbanded after two years. Now, 20 years later the squad of four came together to recreate history.

Check out two evergreen moments united in picture below, shared by Faisal on his Facebook. 

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The above image in the collage is their first cover shot ever for their 1990 album. The picture underneath shows the band members all grown up but still flaunting the same charm in the photograph.

Strings are an internationally acclaimed pop band which became the main reason for the musical revival in Pakistan. The passion and love for music that Pakistan had once can be seen again through the success of Coke Studio Season 8. We will surely be seeing more of the melodious wonders by the band.

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What’s more, Strings gave this nation a number of songs to be proud of some of which includes Sar Kiye Yeh Pahar and Duur. I feel particularly proud about the fact that Strings is a Pakistani band and hope to see them go places in the future.