Stainless T Shirt by Silic You cant Stain Me

By Zoya Anwer

ver been in a sticky situation when a drink spills onto the fabric of the shirt you wear? Well Silic is here to save the day. Silic, a T-Shirt which is the brainchild of young proprietor Aamir Patel, guarantees that with the nanotechnology of super hydrophobic microscopic structures, the shirt will not stain irrespective of the drinks poured onto it.

The microscopic construction in the T-Shirt opposes the liquids via the formation of the film of air connecting the water molecules and the fabric ones. This results in the liquid to reach a sphere of 150° which bounces off the undesirable stains.

Stainless T Shirt by Silic You cant Stain Me

The name, Silic is derived from the presence of trillions of Silica particles that make the cloth fabric. The T-Shirt even gets rid of the sweat formation as the sweat gets evaporated into the air. For the betterment in the designs, Patel is taking the help of an ex designer from Vera Wang. The project was launched on Kickstarter, one of the biggest platforms for such unique ideas and managed to surpass the initial target of $20,000 to $60,000, triple of the original goal. The shipment of orders will commence by May hence it will then be available in commercial stores as well.

Patel told media, “I have already been contacted by a swarm of retailers, who are hoping to start getting the shirt into stores,”

Another similar product, “Never Wet” is a spray that can be used over various things to avoid them getting wet but in the Silic’s video Aamir Patel asserts that “Never Wet” has carcinogenic elements, substances that may cause cancer, hence it is not very trustworthy. If this product gets very successful, which apparently it will, we all would be happily using the product, forever free from the spilling risk.