The girl with a nightingale voice, Momina Mustehsan has just appeared in Sprite’s latest adventure filled TVC. The hype created by the beverage brand involving the singer was well received and #MirchiKoSpriteKar was trending on Twitter and Facebook.

However, after the ad’s release, a lot of people feel that the TVC did not live up to the buzz that was created prior to its release!

Sprite touted Momina Mustehsan in a never seen before avatar!

The ad has an energetic vibe to it, following an adventurous and sporty theme with a peppy playback. Sprite, as usual,  has shown the same connection of delicious spicy food with the beverage at every point throughout the commercial.

Watch the latest Sprite TVC ft. Momina Mustehsan here! 

Twitterati posted their opinions on the advert. Some appreciated the ad calling it a good move towards empowering women with the ‘galli hai apni, apna zor’ tagline being used in the ad. Meanwhile, a few did not find the connection between the singer and Sprite convincing enough, for her to be the brand’s new face.

#MirchiKoSpriteKar being loved by enthusiasts online, here’s what they had to say:

Momina Mustehsan Has Made us all Curious wth #MirchiKoSpriteKar Teaser- Watch Video

Here’s what these Twitterati think went wrong with the latest advert!

Do you think Momina Mustehsan was the right choice for the latest Sprite TVC? Let us know in the comments below.

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