Qaim Ali Shah was subjected to the outbreak of Jibran Nasir, the politician turned social worker when he recently visited Jinnah Hospital, Karachi.

The social worker stopped Shah when he was leaving the hospital and inquired if he knew the condition of the washrooms nearby the wards, where the heatstroke patients are being treated at. He also told Shah about the air-conditioners’ fault and how it has been bothering the civilians for a while. Shah, on not knowing how to respond, left the hospital.

Watch the video posted by Jibran Nasir on his Facebook page:

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When the security personnel from the CM’s protocol tried to stop Jibran, he warned them off by saying that he is a citizen of Pakistan and a lawyer and he has every right to talk to his CM.

The people around also started chanted and clapping in order to show their support.

Jibran Nasir also shared a status along with this video:

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Watch another video of their encounter from outside the hospital during Shah’s press conference:

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