Nishat Linen celebrates the vibrant summer season with their summer collection that has just been released. Instead of the usual glamorous model’s parading around beautiful locations, Nishat’s latest series of ads are different from the usual lawn ads and have created quite a stir over the internet.

The Print ad shows two women who are dressed in a completely different way, one of them is dressed in modern attire while the other wears a summery printed ‘abaya’ and is wearing a Nishat’s scarf as a veil. It is a fresh of breath air to see brands evolving from traditional advertising to now evolving with time.

The Print ad For Nishat’s Summer Collection

We love how they have shown real women having fun and celebrating each other putting aside all their differences.

Absolutely love how fun and full of light this ad is!

Nishat has roped in popular Peshawar-based, graphic designer and artist Mahnoor Jamal for the magical ‘Celebrate happiness’ advertisement.

Here’s what these women thought about Nishat’s Summer Collection print ad!

Everyone appreciated the brand for showing all kinds of women and portraying diversity!

Marketing enthusiasts on the group Khalid Alvi’s Marketing Next were all praises for the ad!


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