The war between the two social media giants, Twitter and Facebook has been going on for quite a while but not even once has Twitter defeated Facebook. The latter has always outperformed the former on all platforms and managed to rule social media despite many Teenager swaying to the ‘other side’.

Recently, Twitter has been in the limelight for going public. Its announcement of Initial Public Offering (IPO) has been pretty much the talk of the town since that of Facebook in 2012. But really, poor Twitter must realize that it is still not as big a sensation as Facebook.

But what are the reasons for Facebook’s epic win?

It has to be Facebook’s rich interface, exceptional features and unique ways of connecting that makes networking all the more thrilling.

Critics complain that Twitter looks way too much cluttered and appears to be a lot more complicated.

Moreover, statistics also prove that people enjoy Facebook-ing rather than Tweet-ing. Facebook’s average user time on the website exceeds Twitter by a record of 22 minutes when compared to Twitter’s 12 minutes.

fb vs twitter data

Lately, Facebook unlocked yet another achievement, by amplifying its growth up to 1.19 billion monthly users and around 874 million mobile users worldwide. Twitter just encompasses 232 million monthly users and 176 million active users on mobile.

But the biggest difference of all is the blazing negative sign attached to Twitter’s Net income. Where Facebook is generating a profit of whopping 977 million, Twitter is shedding massive amount of money with a net loss of 134 million.

Obviously beating Facebook, a $5.3 billion worth of behemoth is no piece of cake for Twitter that just delivers revenue of around $422 million.

No doubt, Twitter shows a lot of potential. But it needs to improve a lot to be the best. Be it the versatility and flexibility of Facebook or its impressive numbers, much progress has to be made by Twitter if it wants to overcome its arch enemy once and for all.