A long time lingering rumor has recently been confirmed by Google’s officials, that Google has indeed acquired WIMM labs last year. 


WIMM made Android-powered smart-watches before shutting down their operations in 2012, with nothing more than an official statement on their website claiming the reason being ‘an exclusive partnership’.

Nothing more was said by WIMM’s termination of business at that time.

We now know that the ‘exclusive partner’ was none other than Google. Some had earlier speculated WIMM to have collaborated with Apple.

A Google official, however, confirmed its acquisition of WIMM to a technological website Gigaom.

Now, Google is also reported to have been developing a Smart watch of its own.

With lingering rumours about Apple’s iWatch and Samsung launching its Galaxy Gear device in the first week of September; an immediate competition may befall in the Smartwatch product line.