Smart-Card Vehicle Registration Punjab: Complete Guide

Smart Card Vehicle Registration

Just like how your National Identification Card or CNIC is your identity, vehicles also have their own smartcards- Vehicle Registration Card.

These cards will eventually eliminate the need to keep vehicle registrations books. These cards have launched in Punjab, moreover, the department will dispatch the smart cards at the applicant’s address.

The machine is able to generate 22,000 cards on a daily basis whereas the present system can issue only 8000 registration books per day. The new system will improve efficiency and will also speed up the process.

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Vehicle Registration Card is developed in collaboration with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and the Excise and Taxation Department.

After performing the data entry at ETO office, NADRA executes verification and validation checks on the provided data from ETO. The chip-based card is then printed by NADRA when the data has been verified and validated.

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Also, the vehicle smart cards will be easier to carry compared to the vehicle books which is often an inconvenience for many drivers. The vehicle cards will be the same size as the identity cards.

Reportedly, all procedures required for the implementation of this technology have been executed- the Government of Punjab is not binding individuals to replace their books with these cards.

As far as the Vehicle cards are concerned, they will bear the owner’s name, NIC number, date of registration, vehicle type, previous registration (if any), chassis number, engine number, and the number of cylinders.

The card will also display other vital information including the following:

  • engine number
  • token tax expiry date
  • type of body
  • vehicle’s color
  • class of vehicle
  • manufacturer’s name
  • unladen weight
  • Reg. Laden weight
  • front axle
  • tire size
  • rear axle
  • other axles
  • seating capacity
  • year of manufacturing
  • an assessed annual tax
  • horsepower/CC

This new system promoted by the Government of Punjab will discourage forged documents, fabrication of information, and will make it a seamless process.

How to Get your Vehicle Registration Card

Excise and Taxation Department is issuing Vehicle Identification Cards for new vehicles at a cost of PKR 1450. If the card gets damaged it can be re-issued to the owner without mentioning duplicate on the card.

Requirements for Vehicle Registration Card

The following document(s) is/are required for registering for a vehicle smart card.

  • Documents of the vehicle
  • Original CNIC
  • Registration book

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