Volkswagen is back with its ‘Drive Safely campaign’ in a brand new concept called ‘Volkswagen Suite’.

Volkswagen has taken up the issue of how driving for long hours can become tiring and hazardous for both the person who is driving and others on the road.

The commercial shows how battered old motels and roadside hotels prove as an inept accommodation for the travelers and fail to provide comfort which is required and hence, they prefer to drive instead of taking a break.

The commercial talks about the effort put by Volkswagen (VW) to re-model these motel rooms and make them livable for their customers. People, who have been driving for hours, will be able to rest in clean and comfortable rooms labeled as ‘Volkswagen Suite’.  They will gain access to the hotel/motel room with the help of their VW car keys.

By taking up a simple yet prevalent issue in the society, Volkswagen shows that it cares for its target audience and that little effort can make a huge difference.

The campaign successfully gets the point across while portraying VW as a brand that gives due importance to its customers and allows them to enjoy all the facilities that they truly deserve.

VW looks to create a brand experience as it uses the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and wraps it up with compassionate selling.

People see it as a brand that stays one step ahead of others when it comes to caring about its customers and their safety. This is a sentiment which will help Volkswagen to top the list of most preferred automotive brand in the future.