Sindh Police

Given the recent scandalous news concerning the Pakistani Police in Sindh and Punjab, the intended viral campaign Police Awam – Sath Sath’ aims to give a facelift to the image of the police here.

This campaign was designed to improve the hostile sense of animosity and hatred between the law enforcers and the masses. The central theme of the campaign conveys the message of the combined efforts of both the police and the public to uphold the law in every case.

According to the Pakistani Police, if the public and the police join forces then peace and prosperity in the country will be quite attainable.


The campaign was initiated by the National Police Bureau which aims to eliminate the hostile environment surrounding the public-police relations.

In the first leg of this campaign, the positive aspect of the police will be communicated through the social media which includes the uplifting statistics, personal accounts,  discussions etc.

Through the campaign, the police intends to listen to the public’s opinions and complaints. They want to not only lend a listening ear but also hope to get feedback and suggestions about how they can improve their dealings.

This advancement towards digital presence is not new for the law enforcement agencies here. Islamabad Police made use of WhatsApp for communicating, Lahore Police relied on special apps to aid them in their investigations and recently the Sindh Rangers also followed suit by introducing a WhatsApp hotline number.

The campaign is encouraging opinion holders and influencers to come forward and participate by initiating discussions and spreading the positive aspect of the law enforcement agencies.

For those who want to participate in any way, the social media accounts for the campaign are listed below: