By Zulfiqar Ali Sajwani


According to many alleged reports, Sindh Festival has been reportedly sued by DC Comics, the legal owners of the Superman logo for a whopping US $20 million.

One of the key striking features of the Sindh Festival that almost the entire province immediately noticed was the Superman inspired logo. Unfortunately, the symbol that the Bhutto family used to brand the festival has cost them much more than they expected.

DC Comics, the legal owners of the Superman logo, issued the notice to the organizers of Sindh Festival through the State Department, for ‘using and abusing’ copyrighted material of the American Comic Company.

Sindh Festival’s marketing and media campaign caught a lot of news, not just for the ‘bright logo’ and aggressive marketing but also for the entertaining promos featuring the ‘young’ generation of Bhutto family, calling out ‘ mera style hai ajrak, aur apka’ (my style has ajrak, and yours?).

Kachee Goliyan, the blooming comic creators from Karachi, took a very ironic yet interesting view point towards this allegation.

“The silver lining here is that MAYBE, just MAYBE, is bahanay he shayud Pakistan mein DC officially ajayay.Please mil kar dua karein” ” ( through this excuse, we wish DC might come to Pakistan, please join and pray)

They even did a hilarious review of the Superman logo on their website, along with extending it to the impacts of DC arriving in Pakistan”.

Whatever the case may be, nobody can deny the fact that the logo actually generated a lot of talk ability of Sindh Festival.

For now, let’s bid farewell to the ‘ajrak inspired masterpiece of branding’.


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