Last night’s ICC semi-final put team India into the final against Pakistan. An Indo-Pak match brings about heightened emotions from both rival countries. The match is set for the 18th which coincidentally falls on Father’s Day.

Cricket lovers are excited about the upcoming match and social media is buzzing with posts and comments pouring in. A renown Bollywood veteran actor, Rishi Kapoor seems to be more than excited about the match and keeps tweeting against Pakistan.

Rishi Kapoor’s first Tweet!


From calling India the Father of Pakistan to slamming the PCB on sending a kho kho team instead of a cricket team. He definitely crossed limits by blaming Pakistan for terrorism in the world. However, Pakistani politician, Sheikh Rashid was quick to put him in his place!

Here’s what the Twitter exchange looked like! Sheikh Rasheed Replies like a BOSS!

For those who don’t know, the Kapoor’s have ancestral ties to Pakistan

Comedian Furqan Shayk blamed Rishi’s old age!

Setting facts straight. You go Girl.

The ‘toilet’ debate continues!

Rishi Kapoor did not stop here and continued by replying to Madeeha Anwar!


Senior Kapoor thinks Pakistani’s cannot understand English! Oh the Ignorance!

All hell broke loose when he blamed Pakistan for Terrorism!

Twitterratis that support Pakistan did not take Rishi’s accusations well and bashed the actor!

Zaid Ali T couldn’t stand Pakistan being accused and schooled Rishi!

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