Shangrila at Dawn Expo
By Ufaq Ashfaque


JUNE 30, 2013 – Shangrila managed to conduct BTL activities at the Dawn Expo this year.  The Dawn Expo has been established as a platform where different companies around the city attend and have an opportunity to connect directly consumers.  All forms of trade activities, exhibitions, seminars and conferences take place at the Dawn Expo. 

Shangrila has had the opportunity to display its variety of products twice at the exhibitions.  One main advantage that Shangrila receives is customer feedback.  Through Dawn Expo, Shangrila earned the opportunity to take comments and suggestions and incorporate them into idea generation and product development.

Shangrila also has the benefit of witnessing the variety of consumers that attend the Dawn Expo.  People coming from all segments and classes in the Pakistani society have a chance to analyze customer demand and assess their understanding of products.


Shangrila is set to explore new markets, with new product categories that would help Shangrila expand its business, taking their business from local commercial hubs to international avenues.  This would help the brand target new segments and cater to customer demands that would improve their position in the Pakistani market.