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Progressive ads are more important than we give them credit for. Ads are a passive way of inculcating values in the hearts and minds of people who watch them and so, thinking about making important ads is important. Shan Foods is not coming slow with its latest ad for its masalas and it’s got to be one of the best ones we’ve seen recently. Have a look:

Societal Woes

The ad is about female doctors and the double identities women in Pakistan, harbor. In our culture, a woman’s profession comes secondary to her role as a mother or as a wife. Therefore, when women do put in most of their young lives in trying to get a doctor’s degree, they fail to practice.

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Shan Foods ad tells us approximately 77% of women are unable to practice their degrees after their marriage. Let that sink in and then think whether the same is true for men.

What is The Ad About?

The ad is simply about this conflict. It shows a daughter-in-law taking the oath of being a doctor and her mother-in-law is initially in the crowd. The way the mother-in-law mirrors the words of the oath but restricts it to the house is powerful and gripping. Moreover, when the ‘bahu’ has a child and she leaves it with her mother-in-law, we imagine that she would be angry about it.

However, that is where the twist comes! The mother-in-law is not your run-of-the-mill one who would berate her daughter-in-law for following her education and passion. She, instead, uses Shan Foods to make food for her. She then takes it to her workplace along with her baby and it’s the most adorable sight.

Watch the ad here

Why This Is So Important

This is such an important ad not because it tells you who should be cooking but because it tells you making food is not one person’s job. Making food is an integral part of our living which should be an enjoyable experience for anyone who’d like to do it. Unfortunately, because of how cooking has been made a duty for women for which they’re also punished, even those who like to cook stay away from it.

This ad is a step in the right direction because it offers a neutral way of going forward. Choosing to follow your dreams does not make you a bad mother or a wife!

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